Why Should I Tax Plan?

If you are a business:

Tax plans are dependent upon your elections that your business (entity) types allow, and your entity type can be changed, and those laws surrounding your entity type can be impacted by the Cares Act, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Secure Act, Appropriations Act, Inflation Reduction Act, Secure Act 2.0, or State and Local Employment and Labor laws.  This type of work in some cases could be the difference in your business thriving vs. surviving.  Your business deserves a professional who can review your books and guide a company in the direction that lowers liabilities, and lowers adverse tax exposure and risk. 

If you are retiring:

Did you know that the greatest tax blunders are made in the year that a person makes the decision to retire or in the year of their death?  These are vulnerable years and if an American has the choice, then planning should be part of these years of transition.  Decisions made 10, 5, 3 or even 1 year prior to retirement can make a huge difference to the longevity of your investments during retirement, and your income level during retirement.  Saving tax approaching retirement needs the advice of a tax-focused coach. 

If you are an individual:

Every year you are reliant on an online platform or a tax interview to claim your lowest taxable income, deductions, credits.  Individuals with real estate ownership, and multiple streams of revenue from 1099's, K-1's, Royalties, and Investments need a coach to help them plan forward and not just look back at the forms that arrive in the mail.  At Arrow Exchange what makes us different is tax-focused planning.  We have encompassed complex strategies and explain solutions that lead to savings.  If we don’t save you tax savings you are offered at a full refund based on our plan agreement with you.  

Tax planning begins with a tax discovery session which will be where we learn your business and your personal tax situation.  This session will last from 20 min to 50 minutes. 

For all of our clients we offer 3 maintenance tax planning services to meet your tax planning needs.  These are customized to the niche needs of our clients and priced according to those needs.  We have Genesis, Emerging, and Breakthrough plans that cover all year around needs of our clients for both business and individual needs.  These plans are tiered to offer individualized services that our customers need.


Which Tax Strategy is right for you?

We offer three stages to fit your tax situation or goals whether long or short term.


Genesis is for real estate investors and business owners (or future real estate investors and business owners) who own 1 or less properties and 1 or less businesses. You're just beginning (or thinking about beginning) your business or real estate investing.

Your early goals are:

In this stage your Certified Tax Coach will help you:


Emerging is for business owners who have a fairly straightforward business and/or are just venturing into real estate investing. The Emerging Stage covers the widest range, depending on how long you’ve been going and how much your business and/or investments have grown.

In this stage, your Certified Tax Coach will help you:

Your Certified Tax Coach is also going to help you plan for the move to the Breakthrough Stage - a place where you create wealth from your assets rather than your earned income, and reduce your overall effective tax rate.


Breakthrough is for business owners who have multiple businesses and/or real estate investors with more than 2 properties. You have multiple opportunities for tax planning through structuring how you hold your investments. This stage includes planning on more than one level by looking at each business/real estate investment for opportunities to shift income and lower your tax bracket.

In this stage, your Certified Tax Coach will help you: